Summer shows

Blood Quartet is finishing the season with some July shows around Barcelona. We're also continuing our residency at Fabra i Coats Arts Lab and we'll be working there all summer and into the fall on the songs for our next LP. Visitors welcome so let us know if you're in town and would like to stop by!

July 8th - El Pumarejo de Barcelona - in Gracia, c/Gomis 42. 9pm 

July 15th - The Exploding Plastic Fest #03: caos controlat de música i movement - At Hangar in Poble Nou, Barcelona 5-12pm. I'll also appear in duo with Pierre Bastien.

July 21st - Festival Formes Diverses de Vida 2017 - Amposta, Catalonia - at the castle!

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Blood Quartet at Fabra i Coats Arts Lab - pic by Sergi Escribano


Upcoming shows - Blood Quartet

Upcoming shows - Blood Quartet

This is the first batch of shows for what is shaping up to be a busy year for us, including a short but potent UK tour, which will be my first appearance there. Looking forward to it!!

- Saturday 01 April 2017 - Shake Bilbao! - Bilbao, Spain (+Magmadam)
- Thursday 13 April 2017 - The Exchange, Bristol, UK
- Friday 14 April 2017- The Rising Sun Arts Centre - Reading, UK
- Saturday 15 April 2017 - I K L E C T I K- London, UK
- Friday 19 May 2017 - La Faena II - Madrid, Spain (+Les Rauchen Verboten + Sagrados Corazones)
- Saturday 20 May 2017 - Cul de Sac 2017 - Sa Possessió, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Opening news

February 7th, 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the first Mars show at CBGB's in New York City, so also marks my 40th year onstage. To celebrate, we're opening this website which I've been working on for a few months with my Tokyo blog angel, Aya Yoshida. It's both an archive and an ongoing blog and news space for my projects. We'll be adding content as we go along, especially more music, and I'll be posting upcoming activity, Blood Quartet tour news, etc.




The first line-up of Raeo, in 1989, Gat Castaño, Anton Ignorant, Pepe Sarto and myself, came about on a Spanish tour I made with Gat's Barcelona-based Buildings, which we all were a part of. Gat and I had been speaking for a while about forming our own band, to be very different from the Barcelona rock of buildings. In fact Buildings itself on that tour were becoming more and more outsider with every show, to the point where we almost ended up getting lynched by a rowdy club crowd in a provincial town down south.

On our way back north in the van, crossing the mountains in a thunderstorm, trying to think of a name for the new group, I asked Gat the word for lightning in Spanish - "rayo" he replied, and I repeated, but with my poor Spanish mispronounced it as "raeo", which they all had a good laugh about and agreed it would be a great name, spelled as I pronounced it, which has no meaning in Spanish or any other language we knew of.



1. a rolled up or coiled condition. 2. a rolling or coiling together.
3. a turn of anything coiled; whorl; sinuosity. 4. anat. one of the sinuous folds or ridges of the surface of the brain. 5. an operation performed on two signals which involves multiplying one signal by a delayed version of another signal, integrating or averaging the product, and repeating the process for different delays. 6. the artistic partnership of Silvia Mestres and Mark Cunningham, embodying all of the above.



I grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey, a residential suburb across the river from Manhattan. Started playing trumpet in the school band as a kid, marching at football games or parades in fall and spring, and playing classical greatest hits in school auditoriums in the winter. But it was in my early teens that I really discovered music, listening on a small transistor radio to mid sixties pop hits and on an old tube short wave set to all the strange sounds between stations that seemed from outer space. I took up guitar then and learned enough to play covers in a garage band that never got out of the garage, and for awhile lost interest in the horn. Things really went to another level when I got old enough to go into the city on my own, from '68 to '70 going to as many as concerts as I could afford at the Fillmore East or hallucinating on light shows at the Electric Circus. Naively I thought I'd opened my head up about as far as I could at the time.



The first gig
The first gig



Don King was formed as a result of a phone call from Thurston Moore asking me if I could put something together to play at the Noisefest he was organizing at the White Columns gallery in 1981. I enlisted China Burg from Mars, then known as Lucy Hamilton, and Duncan Lindsay (Arto's brother), and we did the show as a trio, with me alternating trumpet and bass, Lucy guitar and bass clarinet and Duncan on drums. It worked well and we decided to continue under the name Don King which was actually the pseudonym Lucy used for that first show. As a trio we played the club scene in NY for awhile, which then included the lofts and basements of the improv scene, did a short tour of Italy, and released a cassette on Hyrax, the second and last release on my own label after the John Gavanti LP.

Don King 1

Sometime in '84 we decided to expand rhythmically with Arto Lindsay and Toni Noguiera on percussion, and with this formation we recorded the One-Two Punch Lp in '85 for Doublevision, an English, Blast First sub-label sponsored by Cabaret Voltaire.


LIner notes to 3-cassette box - "Mars Rehearsal Tapes" (Anomia 2012)

Connie Burg and I met Sumner Crane and Nancy Arlen in late 1975, and quickly decided to start a band. Sumner had been playing piano since he was a kid and I trumpet, guitar and more recently bass, but we were for the most part self taught. Connie decided to pick up a guitar and we started jamming in Nancy’s loft on Broadway and Duane St. where Sumner lived downstairs. For the first few months it was just piano, bass and acoustic guitar, with some paper bag percussion from Nancy. Our biggest rock influence at the time was Velvet Underground so we started jamming on some of their songs till we found our own. Tape one begins with Sumner alone playing over a Sweet Jane riff with his own blues styled fills, then goes onto Pale Blue Eyes, the first song Connie would sing. Our first original song with Sumner’s lyrics was Cry, also the only song to make the transition from our acoustic to electric lineup. The set ends with a blues jam with Sumner improvising a story about a leather jacket. Here we’re joined by Jody Harris on guitar, who had been playing with us in the loft for a couple months until Sumner, for practical reasons – given that no clubs had pianos – decided to switch to guitar, at which time Jody gracefully bowed out. Jody: “Yeah, dim memory, being in Sumner's loft for the first time -- maybe hadn't met him yet.


Blood Quartet


Blood Quartet was formed in early 2015 in Barcelona, after I was asked to collaborate with Catalan underground rock band Murnau B. to play at a party for Shookdown magazine to celebrate a special issue about No Wave. The encounter went so well that we decided to keep it going. The name, our own sound and a set of songs followed quite naturally.


In May 2015, after our first concerts as Blood Quartet, we released an EP, Dark Energy, on cassette and online on Bandcamp.

Blood Quartet “Dark Energy”

'Dark Energy' EP


Exactly a year later we went back into the studio to start working on a full album - re-recording several of the songs from Dark Energy, which had matured considerably in concert, as well as a number of new ones. The result is Deep Red, now available on CD, LP and most online platforms.




Blood Quartet “Deep Red”

LP Edition of 500, in transparent red vinyl (FEEDING TUBE RECORDS USA)

CD digipak Edition of 500 (HANG THE DJ RECORDS - Barcelona)

Blood Quartet "Deep Red" LP